Neuropsychological Assessments

Neuropsychological assessments help to explain and understand a child or adolescent’s learning, social functioning, and emotional and behavioural regulation from the perspective of brain development and functioning. A neuropsychological assessment includes all components of a psychoeducational assessment and also looks deeper into areas of brain functioning that may underlie the difficulties a child or adolescent may be experiencing. A neuropsychological assessment typically includes assessment of the following domains:

  • Fine motor functioning
  • Visual, auditory, sensory perception
  • Visual and auditory attention
  • Language and visual processing
  • Visual-motor integration
  • Memory
  • Executive functioning (e.g., problem solving, planning and organization, mental flexibility)
  • Intellectual functioning
  • Academic achievement
  • Social, emotional, and behavioural functioning.
  • Children/adolescents with a history of neurological complications
    • Head injury, concussion
    • Genetic disorders
    • Neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., intellectual disability, ADHD [plus learning complications], autism spectrum disorders)
    • Tourette’s syndrome
  •  Children/adolescents experiencing a greater than average amount of academic difficulty
  • Children/adolescents with hard to describe/understand school or behavioural difficulties

Although each assessment is designed to answer the specific referral question(s) for the child/adolescent, there is a standard process that is generally followed including:

  • An intake Interview with parent(s) and child/adolescent
  • One-on-one testing with the child/adolescent (~6-8 hours)
  • Questionnaires completed by child/adolescent, parent(s), and teachers 
  • Review of report cards/previous reports/medical records
  • Feedback session to review results and recommendations

Comprehensive report, including recommendations

  • Dr. A.J. Hickey
  • Dr. Simone Kortstee
  • Dr. Peter Anderson
  • Dr. Kojo Mintah
  • Dr. Anne-Lise Holahan (French and English)

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