Imran Nasir


Imran Nasir is a recent graduate from Carleton Psychology. He has completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and plans to pursue his Master’s in Counselling Psychology.

At Connections Psychology, Imran works as a psychometrist under the supervision of Dr. Kortstee. In this role he conducts a series of tests and activities with clients who undergo psycho-educational or neuropsychological assessments. He creates a positive and enjoyable experience during assessments to ensure client’s comfort.

Imran enjoys talking about his two adorable cats Rio and Spyro. Imran has a genuine love for listening and is always eager to hear any thoughts, concerns or stories clients wish to share. He spends his afternoons relaxing, studying or training with the Canadian Armed Forces. Imran has been serving in the army reserves for almost 2 years and is open to share about his experiences with clients. He is working hard to one day work with veterans as a psychotherapist.