Psycho-educational and Gifted Assessments

Psycho-educational assessments are usually conducted in order to further understand a child/adolescent’s cognitive and educational abilities, along with his or her social-emotional functioning, in order to help provide support in school and/or at home.

These assessments help build a greater understanding of how a child/adolescent learns best, including his or her strengths and challenges, with the hopes of creating an environment where he or she can be the most successful.  

A gifted assessment is conducted in order to determine whether or not a child/adolescent meets his or her school board’s criteria for giftedness. It is less comprehensive than a psychoeducational assessment as it evaluates a child/adolescent’s cognitive skills, along with specific educational abilities (e.g., reading comprehension and math problem solving).

  • Children/adolescents experiencing a greater than average amount of academic difficulty
  • Children/adolescents experiencing behavioural and/or emotional challenges that are also interfering with their school functioning (e.g., difficulties paying attention or following routines, challenges regulating emotions or getting along with peers)

Although each assessment is designed to answer the specific referral question(s) for the child/adolescent, there is a standard process that is generally followed including:

  • An intake Interview with parent(s) and child/adolescent
  • One-on-one testing with the child/adolescent (~5-6 hours; 2-3 for a gifted assessment)
  • Questionnaires completed by child/adolescent, parent(s), and teachers 
  • Clinical interview with child/adolescent
  • Review of report cards/previous reports
  • Feedback session to review results and recommendations
  • Comprehensive report, including recommendations
  • Dr. A.J. Hickey
  • Dr. Simone Kortstee
  • Dr. Peter Anderson
  • Dr. Dana Sheshko
  • Dr. Kojo Mintah
  • Dr. Anne-Lise Holahan (French and English)
  • Dr. Chloé Beaudin (French)
  • Dr. Susan Rosenkranz
  • Dr. Stéphanie Jolin (French and English)

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